Sigma Tandem maintenance best practices

Kennth Gajda, Master Rigger at UPT invites you to the seminar that is all about the gear maintenance and taking a good care of the Sigma Tandem rig. Similar seminar was given in 2018 by Mark Procos at the Skydiving Symposium, but it was a ‘tandem-instructors-only’ edition and many riggers couldn’t attend. Also since then […]

Tandem Reserve packing seminar – two lives that might depend on you

Kenneth Gajda, UPT Master Rigger and Departament Manager invites you to the Tandem Reserve packing seminar that will guide you through the process. A diverse and extensive background as instructor, instructor examiner, athlete, and parachute rigger, allows Kenneth to bridge the gaps between procedures, functionality, and practical application of skydiving equipment through his seminars. This […]

Q&A with Tom Parker

Any additional questions regarding containers, reserve packing process and more innovations coming to SunPath in the future will be answered during this short 15-min slot. Have your questions ready!

Wingsuit Performance

Each of you knows what wingsuit jumping is, because you either jump yourself, or you plan to, or you see WSs on your dropzone. But what is Wingsuit Performance discipline? It’s a bit more complicated that WS fun jumps, because the parameters that are important in this discipline are very clearly defined, and the jumpers […]

Camera Rush – Intro to safe aerial camera work made simple!

Gonçalo Resende, professional camera-flyer, instructor and Portugese champion (11 podiums). He’s also the youngest sponsored athlete in NZ Aerosport and the youngest AFF instructor in Portugal. You might find it ironic that he’s going to talk about the Camera Rush, but make no mistake – he know what he’s talking about. Let’s find out together, […]