Day 3 - Friday 18th Nov 2022

Main Stage

Lives saved by AAD – why do you always need a Plan C?

15:00 - 15:30

Carmen Hübner – CYPRES expert that working at Airtec since 2016 taking care of Dealers and helping Jens evangelize that AAD is not only a fancy feature. It’s your Plan C in case something goes really wrong. CYPRES have saved over 5200 lives as of now. 5200 people wouldn’t be among us anymore if it wasn’t for the AAD. Think about it – 5200 is a small town, right?

Jens is going to talk a little bit more about the particular cases of life saves to show you that it’s not always a matter of unsafe behavior or lack of skills that leads to AAD fire. Sometimes it’s just bad luck and this may happen to any of us.