Day 1 - Wednesday (6 March 2024)

Fun Jumpers

Holistic Approach to Skydiving Safety


BRIAN GERMAIN – With over 14,000+ jumps in his career and 35 years of experience, Brian is one of the most known canopy coaches in the world. He’s also the innovator (“Airlock” canopies), engineer, and author of such skydiving bestsellers as “The Parachute and its Pilot” or “Transcending Fear”. The wisdom and positive outlook he has gathered apply directly to every aspect of life. The core skills that he teaches can help you to thrive in the midst of the most ominous leadership challenges and help you establish an emotional buoyancy that will make you the kind of person that others want to follow.

Brian Germain has dedicated his life to the study of fear and its antidotes, but what distinguishes him from others on similar paths is his unique ability to tell the story in an enjoyable way. His animated expression of this challenging aspect of the human experience is both profound and useful and surprisingly funny. Brian’s uncanny ability to paint the picture of the archetypal journey from fear to heroism has been fostered by many years of compassionate skydiving instruction.