Day 1 - Wednesday (6 March 2024)

Tandem / Camera (UPT)

How tandem canopy flight training influences safety in tandem jumps around the world

  17:30 - 18:00

Flight-1 offers specialized canopy instructor training not only for individuals but also for drop zones. Join Flight-1 instructor Phil Webley, where he will discuss the benefits of a customer-designed Tandem Canopy pilot course for Tandem Instructors. Phil’s 20-minute presentation will cover all aspects of how to set up the course, how it is run and what is involved in creating a team-building and knowledge-sharing experience for all participants. A must-see for any drop zones offering Tandem skydiving.

Phil Webley is a British Skydiving AFFI, TI, CSI and Flight-1 Instructor with over 4000 Skydives. He is a former British Army Red Devils Parachute Display Team member with over 20 years of military service. Phillip is also an active VFS and CP competitor, regularly coaches the next generation of FF, TR and CP skydivers and is a UK head-up record holder.