Day 2 - Thursday (7 March 2024)

DZ Management (Cypres)

Managing The Media During a Crisis: Strategies for Dropzones

  12:45 - 13:30

In the wake of a serious injury or a fatality, a proactive approach to public relations is crucial. Marketing and PR expert James La Barrie offers a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of crisis media management for dropzone operators. Drawing on real-life case studies, La Barrie outlines the typical media patterns following serious skydiving incidents and the importance of being proactive rather than reactive. This presentation promises to equip dropzone operators with actionable strategies and a clear plan for engaging with the media during a crisis, ensuring that attendees leave with the confidence to handle intense media scrutiny effectively.

James La Barrie is founder and president of Beyond Marketing, the first marketing agency in the world dedicated to skydiving. Over the course of his two decades in the industry, James has earned a reputation for wholeheartedly advocating for his clients, championing a values-based approach to branding and marketing, and empowering business owners to enter into new and exciting phases of their lifecycle.

Today, the Beyond Marketing portfolio represents dropzones and industry-specific businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and mom-and-pops to industry mainstays and household names. James has served as a featured writer for Blue Skies Magazine, DropZone.com and publishes a private newsletter for industry professionals. He frequently conducts on-site training sessions and presentations around the world, including engagements with the Australian Parachute Federation, British Skydiving, The Parachute Industry Association, The US Army Golden Knights, and the USPA.