Day 2 - Thursday 17th Nov 2022

Main Stage

Parachuting and aviation offer for 2023 and next seasons

15:30 - 16:00

AIR-POL company was founded in 1989 as a joint venture company. The founders were Włodzimierz Budziński & Władysław Radwański, ex-pilot of the 300 Bomber Squadron of the Polish Armed Forces in the West.

The company is the only producer of parachute equipment in Poland.

AIR-POL offers many different models of parachutes:
– cargo;
– rescue;
– desant;
– braking;
– intended for AFF instructors and used for further training of AFF jumpers.

Since the beginning, more than 20,000 parachutes have been produced, on which several million jumps were made.

Most of the production is directed to the Polish Armed Forces, but the parachutes are also used by several European Union countries, the USA, Great Britain, Arab countries and India. The company also produces civil parachutes.

Products offered by AIR-POL mean quick adaptation to user requirements, constant improvement of quality and attractiveness of products.