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Brian Germain

Germain Trainings & Seminars

13 000+ jumps, author, inventor, test pilot and world champion skydiver.

Albert Berchtold


USPA Executive Director, 20+ years in the sport, a member of the US CP team, Honorary Golden Knight.

Maxine Tate


10 000+ jumps, Flight-1 Instructor, Demostration Jumper. AFF Instructor, Business Professional

Beau Riebe

Performance Designs

PD’s Government Client Relations, Flight-1 instructor, UPT Mutant Ambassador, AFFI & TI

Timothy Parrant

Alter Ego Project

The instructor and photographer with 7500+ jumps, S&TA and the author of “Camera Flying Manual”.

Ralph Wilhelm


5700+ jumps, filming tandems, boogies, comercials and TV shows worldwide.


Passionate big-way record organiser and participant. Hall of Fame inductee 2021. CEO and Editor of Skydive Mag.

Noah Watts


Tandem Program Director at UPT, military static line and Free Fall Jump Master, Senior rigger, Multi rated USPA Examiner and ERC Director.

Hans van Marrewijk

Performance Designs

Performance Designs European representative with over 23 000+ jumps.

Jan Klapka

Skydive Most

9100+ jumps, 44 years in the sport, AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, the creator of the FS4 Junior transition program, owner of the skydiving school at Skydive Most and the skydiving shop.

Jens Gronemeyer


7000+ jumps, currently Alti-2 director and evangelist, also experienced jump pilot and former DZ owner and manager, the active competitor in such disciplines as FS-4, FS-8 & FS-16.

James La Barrie

Beyond Marketing

Skydiver and founder of Beyond Marketing, the first marketing agency in the world dedicated to skydiving, Currently working with USPA, PIA, Golden Knighs and many more.

Pancho Campo

Future Planet Foundation

Skydiver, scuba diver, olimpic tennis player and the president of the Future Planet Foundation that fights the climate change.

Sebastian Dratwa

Sky Camp

10 000+ jumps, AFF instructor, canopy coach, PAC pilot (2000h), multiple and current Canopy Piloting National Champion.

Jasper van der Meer


ToraTora co-founder. Skydive event organiser. 24 years in the sport. Three times French national record holder

Daniel Ossio

Swiss Wingsuit Team

Wingsuit instructor, the creator of the educational platform wingsuit.ws and a member of the Swiss WS National Team. Expert in High Speed Exit Flare and AWF.

Rob Kendall


5000+ jumps, 23 years in the sport, SunPath European Representative and sponsored athletes manager, also an active competitor in two disciplines: FS-4 and FS-8.

Meredith Ottery


UPT Rigging Departament Manager, FAA Master Rigger, Member of PIA Rigging and Risk Management Committees, USPA National Canopy Piloting Judge.

Mario Fattoruso

PD Factory Team

8500+ jumps, Flight-1 Instructor, Member of the PD Factory Team, Canopy Piloting competitor and multiple medalist

Fred Williams


15 000+ jumps, with exits as high as 35 000 ft, CPS President, former US Navy Seals, Test Jumper, TI, AFFI and Master Rigger

Dominik Zasadni


Former Aerial Delivery Instructor in 6th Polish Airborne Brigade and Polish Special Forces. Currently an aerial delivery expert in LOT G7 .

Szymon Chełmicki

Kadra Narodowa CRW

3000+ jumps, 24 years of experience, National CFS (CRW) Team Member, 4 FAI World Record holder, Tandem Instructor.

Pablo Perazzoli


Rigging Loft Manager in CPS, Master Parachute rigger with over 6400+ repacks, Tandem I/E, AFF I, SL I, and IAD I with over 6400+ jumps

Rich Madeley

Performance Designs

2x British National Freefly champion, Member of the British CP Team. Performance Designs European Tour Representative.

Piotr Noworol

Infamous Team

Infamous Team founder, VFS multi medalist, Load Organizer, Skydiving and windtunnel coach, Polish HU/HD record holder and organizer.

Bartosz Staśkiewicz

Skydive Hel

10 000+ jumps, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Skydive Hel owner and jump pilot.

Julien Peelman


Aeronautical Engineer and Master of Aerodynamics with 14 years of experience in designing canopies for JYRO.

Carmen Hübner


ICarmen works for Airtec, CYPRES manufacturer, since 2016. She’s responsible for customer service and the relationship with dealers.

Martin Kristensen

Freefly coach

A true legend in freefly coaching before it was cool to be a ‘legend’. 9000+ jumps and 6000+ hours of tunnel flying.

Bartek Poraniewski

Flyspot Instructor

3000 jumps, 11+ years in the sport, Flyspot tunnel instructor, LO, Wingsuit instructor, BodyPilots founder.

Willy Boeykens

Vigil AAD

Willy Boeykens has over 14 000 jumps (7000 of them are cameras) and participated in more than 20 FAI records. Retired military and active Vigil representative.

Paul-Henry de Baère

Everest Skydive / Apache Production

Professional Skydiver, 4000+jumps. HALO/HAHO Specialist, Aerial Operator. DGAC Parapro, USPA AFF Instructor & Coach.


Air Sports Promotion

Master of Ceremony

Damian Abramowicz

Kuna Systems

Master of Ceremony


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