Agenda of the symposium

The history of skydiving

10:30 - 11:30
Bill Booth – the founder of UPT and the ‘father of skydiving’ – shares a glimpse into his incredible experience. Prepare for knowledge, anecdotes and entertainment as Bill takes you on a 50-year journey through the sport in his renowned ‘History of Skydiving’ presentation. Bill has been awarded twelve US, and foreign patents for skydiving […]

Sport HALO skydiving

12:00 - 12:30
Paul-Henry de Baère, Apache Productions – HALO jumps expert, Record Holder 777: 7 jumps, 7 continents, 7 months & highest parachute landing (6145 m). PH – who people usually call him – will tell you all you want to know about HALO jumps. How to approach it, when you can do it and what skills […]

Choosing the right canopy

12:30 - 13:30
Albert Berchtold, Performance Designs – Selecting the right canopy for you can be a daunting task for anyone. Even tougher can be helping guide a student, newer jumper, or peer in selecting their canopy. In this talk he’ll explore the important things to consider when making a canopy choice for yourself, or advising others. With […]

A few words about RSL: is it worth it and why?

14:30 - 15:00
Bill Booth – Skyhook RSL inventor – will have a seminar about the system. Most of you already know what it is and how it works. But there are still many inaccuracies in understanding why it is so important to have one. Facts and myths about RSL in one presentation given by its inventor – […]

How to start B.A.S.E. jumping and stay alive

Piotrek Bereda – 3000+ jumps. Freefly coach, BASE jumper, load organizer, freefly record organizer. During his presentation Piotrek is going to tell you about reasonable way to start your adventure with BASE jumping. Where to get the knowledge from, how to verify sources, which objects are best to start with and what skills you need […]

The use of 360 cameras in Skydiving on the example of GoPro Max

Team Treneiro – In this presentation you’ll learn a lot about 360 cameras and why it is so important to get to know them before they’re dominant type of camera on the market. Play with settings, see what they can do and learn why 360 cameras is the best what could happen in the sport […]

Skydive tourism – savoir-vivre on a new dropzone

Basia Węgrzyn – In this presentation you’ll learn how to act and behave on a new dropzone. No matter if it’s a dropzon within your country which you visit for the first time, or you travel abroad with intention to skydive. In both cases there are things you should ask. Basia will also share her […]

How history of skydiving is changing here and now

Pawel Michalski, known in skydiving community as Rudolf, will tell you about Aero Club of Poland, licensing, skydiver’s path to National Representation and about upcoming Polish FS record attempt planned for July 2020 in Ukraine. Witek Kielerz will join Rudolf on stage as Record organiser.

Dangerous situations and malfunctions in AFF

Bram Clement, Skydive Ratings – 16 000+ jumps, 4000+ AFF jumps included, extremly experienced skydiver and instructor, in 2003 elected the AFF Course Director by the USPA board. He opened the world’s first rating school the same year, which is now also the largest one in the world. Bram’s presentation about dangerous situations and malfunctions […]

Why do students after AFF stop jumping? Research analysis.

Helena Skiba – SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) student. As part of her studies she has done a research regarding quitting skydiving. She’ll present her analysis of with research results together with her perspective as a novice in skydiving. She completed AFF in 2018. The presentation focuses on moments in skydiving beginnings that might need […]

How to write a valuable aviation incident report

Wiesław Wojtasik i Andrzej Pussak, PKBWL – During this presentation all Instructors are going to work directly with those who read and assess their incident/accident reports. Each report should be written not only because “we have to do it”, but also because other can read it and maybe avoid similar situation and its outcome in […]

Avoiding hard openings

Albert Berchtold, Performance Designs – Slowing your body from a 200 kmh freefall to a 30kmh canopy ride is no easy task. There’s a lot going on in those 2-3 seconds, and you have a lot of influence over it! Who doesn’t want awesome openings? In this talk Albert will discuss the things that can […]

Useful tips and tricks when buying your first rig

Michał Gryczuk & Rajmund Juchiewicz – During his presentation Michael and Rajmund will share their insights on what’s the practical difference in buying a second hand or new rig, what to ask for, what are best practices when buying your own rig. We all know it’s an expensive purchase, so let’s try to make it […]

Upcoming season 2020 in Poland

Interesting events, boogies and skill camps; news in dropzones offers from all over Poland; planned records. Hear all the news for the Polish Skydiving 2020 season, during this series of short 10-minute speeches, which will be led by representatives of dropzones supporting the Symposium.

Short Outlook on AWF – Airplane Wingsuit Formation

In this presentation Daniel Ossio will show you how awesome plane-wingsuit formations might be and also will give you a few very important safety information about loads with wingsuiter on board. No matter if you’re wingsuiting yourself or not – you should definitely hear this out as you probably jump on loads with squirrels in […]

Life saving stories that will open your eyes

Willy Boeykens, Vigil – more than 13 000 jumps (7000 as a cameraman). Participant and cameraman of more than 20 FAI records. Willy is going to share amazing stories of skydivers who are still alive because of an AAD. If you think it doesn’t concern you – you’re really wrong. Listen to this seminar and […]

Freefly dangerous “close calls” and how to prevent it

Kuba Langowski – In this presentation Kuba will explore vast area of “freefly close calls” and how no to let them happen. It’s quite difficult to assess your own skill level and quit a jump if you know it’s too ambitious for you. Kuba plans to show a few videos that Internet has never seen […]

Canopy control after opening: flying in formation, CRW, inhops and more!

Maciej “Mahoo” Machowicz, Szymon “Simon” Chełmicki and Artur Gregorczuk – if you want to learn more about how to enjoy the canopy flying, you have to participate. Experienced canopy pilots will talk about how to plan a safe in-hop, how to go for CRW jumps, as well as how much fun is to fly formation.

How to effectively transfer skills from the tunnel to skydiving?

Grzesiek Ciesielski i Tomek Bonczyk, Flyspot – If you tried both – tunnel and skydiving – you kno that these ‘environments’ are different. There are many common points, but the differences are what makes it so difficult to transfer some skills from tunnel to the sky. Why and how to handle it: listen to this […]

Skydiving charity projects – sport as a helping tool

Tomek Kozłowski – Sport projects can be used as a great tool for social help. This presentation is about the journey Tomek took from a small project which was about helping a few tens of people to the start of the most important and highest jump of human history – and the goal of this […]

Tandem Fatalities analysis

We can say what we want about how tandem jumps are safer than driving, but we all do know that accidents happen. Frank will analyse a few fatalities from the past years to get to conclusions that each of you might need one day.

Jumps with disabled passengers: preparation, accessories, techniques

Dariusz “Banan” Banaszkiewicz, Skydive Warszawa – 9000+ jumps, tandem pilot, rigger, test jumper, AFF instructor, Polish Champion and Record holder. Banan will focus in his presentation on practical aspects of such jumps. He will cover the most important areas such as: preparations of the jump, accessories, exit, freefall and opening. But most important part – […]

Tandem Instructor Complacency Seminar. How we unlearn bad behaviors.

Tom Noonan is the UPT Sigma Tandem Program Director. He has been skydiving for 20 years and has made over 8,000 skydives to date. He is an FAA Senior Rigger, UPT/USPA Tandem Instrutcor Examiner, USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course Director, a USPA AFF instructor and a private pilot. Tom has been involved with Everest Skydive […]

Malfunctions in rigger’s work

14:30 - 16:00
Frank Carreras, Aircrew Germany – This presentation is all about rigger’s errors. Frank will show you a series of pictures and videos of most common errors in rigger’s work. He’ll also share a few less popular mistakes which might be fatal for a jumper. You can expect a handful of tips, best practices and great […]

Rigger news: good practices, innovations, technology

16:30 - 18:00
Frank Carreras, Aircrew Germany – This seminar is focused on innovations in rigging world. Best practices in packing reserves, fixing containers an using new equipment designed for riggers. You can expect such elements as analysis of current MARD systems (not only the most populars), the UPT “Mutant” which is a revolutionary system for canopy pilots […]

Analysis of 2 plane-related incidents from 2018 and 2019

Tomasz Witkowski, Skydive Warszawa – This is not an easy presentation to do. But we all know it’s necessary. Our sport is not only about fun and awesome footage – it’s also about safety and how we all can make a difference. Two plane-related incidents – although very different – are often mixed or even […]

Mysteries of load organizing, jumprun, exit order and separations

10:30 - 11:30
Sebastian Dratwa, Sky Camp – in this presentation, Sebastian will present the most important aspects that influence a jumprun, groups separation and exit order in downwind or headwind loads. Sometimes it might seem obvious because we’ve learned how to set up exit order, but knowing WHY we do it this way is crucial in some […]

Everything is great until it’s not – a few words about skydiving insurance

Helena Kamińska, insurance expert with many years of experience in aviation and skydiving insurance. You will be surprised how regular obligatory insurance is not covering many situations you’d probably thought you’re covered. IMPORTANT: It is not sales talk. It’s a valuable lecture on the most important information you should know when you choose your insurance, […]

(Un)awareness of (un)safety in skydiving

12:30 - 13:30
Tomek Liber, Grzegorz Majsner, medaid – paramedics with 20 years of experience, jumper with 400+ jumps. Tomek leads a lot of safety & first aid trainings dedicated to different kind of outdoor sports. First aid training in skydiving are focused on ankle, knee, spine and head injuries. But this is not a first aid training. […]

Open debate about controversial emergency situations

14:30 - 15:30
Sebastian Dratwa, Sky Camp – There are some of skydiving malfunctions that are quite complex. Their emergency procedures may vary, depending on where you decided to take your S/L or AFF course. Among others, most controvesial malfunctions are: pilot chute in tow, horseshoe, two canopies out or entanglements. We would like to have an open […]

Discussion panel with skydivers after accidents who got back to jumping

Moderator of the discussion panel: Alexandra Kutz Bartek Szymański, Wojtek „Magister” Artych, Kuba Konwent, Paweł „Mały” Marynowski – each of them had a serious skydiving accident and necessary rehabilitation. Each of them also returned to skydiving. We will talk about how these accidents happened, what the consequences were and how their path to health looked, […]

You think you know your AAD? A few surprising facts.

Jens Gosmann, Airtec – If you think, all you need to know about your AAD is how long it works, when it fires and how to switch it on and off – this presentation might a big surprise for you. However it’s not a simple device. It’s a complicated, life-saving element of each modern rig. […]

Extreme sports safety debate

Debate moderator: Alexandra Kutz Panelists: Bill Booth, Arkadiusz “Maya” Majewski, Krzysztof “Diablo” Włodarczyk, Tomasz Czerwiński, Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz As skydiving and other extreme sports become more and more popular and affordable, we would like to have a moment to discuss readiness of the extreme sports environment (organisations, offices, businesses) to the increase of interest in compliance […]

Hesja photo-show

Let’s all have a part in this great show that closes European Skydiving Symposium. Photo & sound show with aviation as a main theme – you must see it!